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Zargarzadeh Kashan Machine Carpet Company

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Kashan Zargarzadeh Carpet Company has been operating since 2010 and in the beginning, it has signed a contract with only one company called Khatere Kavir Kashan and is engaged in working and attracting home customers, until it increased its sales to the highest level and then we started to recruit people to expand our business activity and now, after 10 years, we have succeeded in registering the Zargarzadeh brand and we have customers from abroad and customers everywhere in Iran with whom we interact, and thanks to God and the efforts of the staff  and We were able to increase our carpets from 1200 shoulder to 1500, 1600, 1000 and 700 shoulder with a density of 2550 and a density of 3000 and we have also signed contracts with reputable companies and our vision in the new years is to be able to introduce the Zargarzadeh brand to the far and inner borders of the country and to be able to enter the field of production.

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